If you’re asking yourself “do gutters need splash guards?” then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll explain what splash guards are and whether or not you truly need to have them installed on your gutter system – continue reading to learn more.

What are Splash Guards?

At K-Guard, we’re often asked what splash guards are. They’re pieces of material that are placed in areas of a gutter system—usually valleys, also known as corners—where overspilling may occur. Furthermore, splash guards are installed on open-top gutter systems to keep water flowing through the gutter system in areas that often overflow due to heavy rainfalls.

Do You Need Splash Guards?

If you have traditional, open-top gutters then yes, you should have splash guards installed. Why? The answer is simple: to prevent damage from occurring to your home and landscaping. We’ll examine the benefits of splash guards more thoroughly below.

When your traditional, open-top gutter system is constantly overflowing, water is forced to spill over the gutters and is left to accumulate around your home in places like around the foundation or your garden beds, near your front door, etc.

Benefits of Splash Guards

As we mentioned earlier, splash guards keep water flowing through an open-top gutter system that may overflow due to heavy rainfalls. Valleys on traditional, open-top gutter systems tend to slow the flow of water since the water has to travel around a corner. When there is an influx of water flowing through the gutter system then these valleys often experience overflowing water, forcing the water to pour over the gutter and onto the surrounding area, not down a downspout like a gutter system is designed to do.

When you install splash guards on an open-top gutter system, water can move faster through these valleys and aids in keeping up with the heavy rainfall or snowmelt. When you install splash guards on your open-top gutter system, more happens than just keeping the water flowing. Below are some other benefits to installing splash guards:

  • Can help prevent landscape damage
  • Can aid in preventing foundation damage caused by flooding
  • Helps prevent roof leaks
  • Helps prevent damage from occurring to the entire gutter system including rotted fascia boards

All of these issues can result in costly repairs, especially if overflowing gutters are the cause of foundation damage. Foundation damage can cause many serious issues for homeowners including cracks in the foundation, leaning or tipping, foundation upheaval, and so on.

It may seem obvious but a well-maintained gutter is good for your home. Regular checking and maintenance will help ensure your home remains protected and intact. Call Premier Gutter Services today for gutter repair, cleaning, or replacement!